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     ¿Need a Lawyer Urgently?

It is not usual  for us to have a surprise call from the Local Police, the Civil Guard or even from other Bodies and State Security in which we are notified that a relative, friend, friend, partner, the spouse has been arrested. In some cases, it is not very normal, but it is in some families, and when it happens, arrests are made. Not having a lawyer to call who represent and advise you is something you don´´´´´ t think about. We, at Gatell & Asociados, are a team of lawyers, not only criminal lawyers but other subjects. We have a real 24-hour service, we are an Urgent Lawyer Malaga 24 hours.

In the assistance in criminal matters, we have a lot of experience and possibilities of success. Constancy, knowledge, expertise, work, effort, and knowledge of Criminal Law are the quality of our professional know-how. Our criminal service is about whether you or any member of your family may need the assistance of a lawyer of an urgent nature who is a specialist in this field and who attends to you immediately.

abogado urgente en malaga


      Urgent Lawyer Advice

A guarantee legal advice from the beginning is the foundations of a winning procedure and the path to conquer the best results. In criminal matters, the assistance to the detainee in Malaga is fundamental, there are many issues that have been entrusted to us in which the final result could not have been better because the researcher received the best legal support at the time of the arrest in the Police station. We are 24 hours at your service, we will know how to give you the best solution.

The emergency assistance in Criminal matters offered by our Firm allows our Lawyers of Malaga to defend all clients with the best possibilities and support for the success. The defense of detainees either before going to jail (which is police headquarters) or in court, allows the person being investigated, the assurance that they will check their rights from the beginning thanks to the intervention of our Málaga Criminal Lawyers.

Urgent Lawyers in Malaga is the remedy for your problem, thanks to a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year assistance service for detainees, where through our contact numbers on the web we are committed to giving you first-class legal advice. We will listen to you in a personalized and quick way, putting at your service an Urgently Lawyer who will take charge of the defense when you are either detainee or deprived of freedom and will take care of your defense throughout the criminal process that begins with the arrest.


     Urgent Lawyer: No only for under arrest circunstances

There are many ways in which you may need an urgent lawyer and not always related to criminal law, the police, etc. Also in these cases, a correct decision taken on time can avoid many problems in the long run.

     General List in which you could need an urgent lawyer

1.- Assistance to detainees. Adults and underage.

2.- Traffic Car Accidents.

3- Expulsion Administrative Decisions.

4.- Quick procedure when driving with alcohol or without driving license…  🙁

5.- Assistance to victims of crimes, when the act has just been committed.

6.- Dismissal or sanctions, just notified.

7.- Evictions

8.- Imminent orders closure business.

9.- Termination of deadlines in which a judicial brief or any other administration must be answered shortly, such as lawsuits or resolutions, whether judicial or extrajudicial (appeals).

10.- Last minute Tax Government notifications.



Written by Antonio Gatell

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