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 Lawyers 24 hours in  Málaga
Manu Firms have the services for the clients of lawyers 24 hours. This happens in any law firm in each province or city. Our city -Málaga- has many illustrious offices to count on. But are they available at any time?
Lawyers 24 hours
Our law firm is ready  24 hours a day began its activity since 1996, more than 30 years ago and has been configured among the best in customer service and personal treatment. We are formed by a great team of lawyers, jurists and expert jurists, each one in their area, with an experience of many years.
Our mission is giving serious advice to our clients through a fast service -when it is possible since we know the slowness of justice- professional and effective. We carry on different types of rights because we have specialized professionals. Subjects such as business, criminal, matrimonial, sports, civil or labor law.
We are aware that we must add value to the society. In this regard, our lawyers want to be useful for clients, provide solutions and achieve adequate results in all cases. Do not be fooled by flatterers, nobody can have 100% results because justice is not an exact science, better honesty than falsehood.
We will assist you either through the service of our main lawyer’s website or in the traditional way, in our lawyer’s offices 24 hours a day.
We will inform you of the possibilities of your issue. We will give you a clear budget for every step of the way.
If you have payment problems, we will give a feasible option for everyone. With us, you will be willing to make the payments comfortably. In some cases -you will have to study each particular case- you will not have to pay anything to our office until you receive compensation or unfair dismissal.
Lawyers 24 hours

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We will offer you an individualized, professional and complete service in all the branches of the law of the hand of our the twenty-four hours lawyers. They have the experience to face each case with guarantees of success in its completion. The motivation of the firm is to bet on the absolute commitment of the client to succeed in each case.
We have the trust´s clients since we have been working for many years. Clients who have become friends because of our demonstrated loyalty. We are trained daily in the changing matters of national and international legislation that appear in the legislative framework of each area within we work.
We feel the client’s problem as their own without losing focus. The deal with everyone is clear, simple, direct honest and transparent. We never say what is not and we are even cautious in our expectation.
We are not going to sell a pig in a poke about the possibilities of carrying out the case. Our 24-hour lawyers work in a responsible and serious manner. They demonstrate their experience in each case and that leads them to success. Contact us, we will study your case, we will advise you and we will defend you to achieve your goals


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